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Company ProfileAbout Us

  • We provide OEM machined metal parts out of die casting, Permanent mold casting, investment casting, forging, cold heading & aluminum extrusion., also sheet metal stamped parts for automotive, tools, military defense , electronic industries.

  • We have capable engineer who may catch CTQ of all OEM parts and may accordingly create the well-defined process to avoid undesired characteristics, and therefor produce repeatable conformed parts.

  • We implement complete inspection covers development of FEMA during design of the processes and production of first articles., SPC during the
    mass production. We have capability to provide PPAP services.

  • Our services may be extended to assembly to sub-assembly part or a ready to sell product.

Therefor, if you need a long term supplier who is focused on the details, strongly committed to consistently flawless quality, please contact with us.

Customers who only seeks for lowest price but not quality at all, please don't contact us.